ThrillVille Rides

ThrillVille Rides

Classic Coaster

Height requirements: 52in

Wooden Roller Coster

  • Our classic wooden roller coaster has been a mainstay at The Fair since 1935, and has been renovated to last the next 100 years! Roller coaster enthusiasts come from all over the world to ride one of our most treasured rides.

  • Thrillville Hours
    Fri, Aug 3011:00 AM
    Sat, Aug 3110:00 AM
    Sun, Sep 110:00 AM
    Mon, Sep 210:00 AM
    Tue, Sep 3Closed
    Wed, Sep 4Closed
    Thu, Sep 512:00 PM
    Fri, Sep 612:00 PM
    Sat, Sep 710:00 AM
    Sun, Sep 810:00 AM
    Mon, Sep 912:00 PM
    Tue, Sep 10Closed
    Wed, Sep 1112:00 PM
    Thu, Sep 1212:00 PM
    Fri, Sep 1312:00 PM
    Sat, Sep 1410:00 AM
    Sun, Sep 1510:00 AM
    Mon, Sep 1612:00 PM
    Tue, Sep 17Closed
    Wed, Sep 1812:00 PM
    Thu, Sep 1912:00 PM
    Fri, Sep 2012:00 PM
    Sat, Sep 2110:00 AM
    Sun, Sep 2210:00 AM
    Thu, Apr 162:00 PM
    Fri, Apr 1710:00 AM
    Sat, Apr 1810:00 AM
    Sun, Apr 1910:00 AM
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