• New Podcast!

    New Podcast!

    Take a listen and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes into putting together the biggest party in the state. If you’re a fanatic of food, carnivals, theme parks, history and good ol’ nostalgia, then this is the podcast for you!

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The Classic Coaster Chronicles is available on all major podcast platforms or you can listen here. Season 2 is coming soon!

Episode Guide


A Behind-The-Scenes Peek of Washington’s Biggest Party 
In this episode, we give you a little behind the scenes preview of our first season. The Washington State Fair began in 1900, so there a lot of stories to share. Thanks for listening! 


The Washington State Fair Foundation – Preserving, Educating & Improving
In this episode, learn more about the Washington State Fair Foundation, and how it awards thousands of dollars in scholarships each year and helps create and continue ongoing educational and preservation programs at the Fair.


It’s Been a Funtastic Ride
In this episode, hear from a legend in the carnival rides & games industry. Known to have perfected the algorithm for carnival games and chances of winning, Ron Burback, Sr. shares stories from more than half a century in the business.


Roberto The Magnificent
In this episode, hear how a Seattle boy went from juggling fire at age 11, to spending the past three decades, entertaining crowds at the Washington State Fair.


CEO of the State’s Biggest Party – Part 1
In this episode, hear from Kent Hojem, the Washington State Fair’s longtime CEO as he shares a little Fair history from its humble beginnings in 1900 – to what it’s like to lead the team at the single largest event in Washington.


CEO of the State’s Biggest Party – Part 2
In this episode, Washington State Fair CEO Kent Hojem shares more Fair history, how important it is to keep agriculture relevant, thoughts on standing out from other year-round entertainment throughout the state and his future dreams for The Fair as he heads into retirement.


4-H – Engaging Youth to Reach their Fullest Potential
In this episode, hear from today’s youth who share their passion, knowledge and dreams for their work with animals and keeping agricultural relevant.


Fisher Scones – Sweet Success!
In this episode, hear from Mike Maher, partner/CEO of Conifer, Inc. the company behind arguably the most famous Washington State Fair food of all time. Maher shares the history of the sweet treat. During 20 days of the Fair each year, more than a million scones are sold.


I Love WSF!
In this episode, hear from a family who loves the Fair so much, mom and dad got married with the Giant Slide in the background. Now, the two share their fondness of the Fair with their children.


Fair Food!
In this episode, hear how some of the Fair’s long-time favorite food vendors began, what keeps them going and what it takes to be able to sell and share your delicious fare…at our Fair.

Shop ‘til You Drop
In this episode, hear how the Fair’s commercial vendors represent a gamut of products and business, large and small. Hear some stories from throughout the years from our Vendor Services Administrator. 

Changing of the Guard - The Fair welcomes its new CEO
In the season one final episode, hear from the Washington State Fair’s new CEO, Renee McClain, as she becomes the first female to lead the organization.

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