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Ag Education Video Series

Our educational video series allows you to visit some of The Fair’s farm animals at home. Kids can learn about the basic needs of farm animals, along with some fun facts in each video. 

Our special thanks to Tractor Supply for sponsoring this video series and other agricultural activities at the Fair, such as the Fair Farm. Their dedication to agriculture, as a part of their mission of supporting communities, allows us to continue to bring people of all ages agricultural education whether we are together or at home.

Ag Video Series Sponsored By

Pygmy Goats

Toulouse Dewlap Geese


Bantam Chickens

Eggs from Chickens

Miniature Donkeys


At-Home Educational Activities

The Fair has organized a selection of educational resources and tools centered around agriculture, animals, food production, farms, science and physics.

Activity Books & Coloring Sheets

Farm Animals & Food - Activity Packet

Ages 5 & Up

Kids can enjoy activities and coloring sheets all about farm animals and food from the farm.


Farm At SillyVille - Activity Packet

Ages 5 & Up

Kids can learn about Washington’s farming at home with the Farm at SillyVille at Home Activity Packet. Build your healthy lunchbox by completing the activities.


Our gratitude to Safeway for sponsoring the Farm at Sillyville where kids learn about agriculture and where food comes from. Along with the Washington State Fair, Safeway is committed to programs that educate our community about local farming and healthy meal choices. Thanks Safeway for making this program possible.

Big Farm Fun - Activity Book

Ages 3 & Up

Jokes, facts and fun are all available within the pages of the Big Farm Fun Activity book.


Seattle Times Newspapers In Education Series

Grades 4-12

For many years, The Fair had the privilege to partner with the Seattle Times to deliver educational content about The Fair through their Newspapers in Education program. Below are the articles and supplementary curriculum of some of our most memorable moments at the Washington State Fair. If you are interested in learning more about Newspapers in Education, please visit: https://nie.seattletimes.com/about-nie/

Links & Other Resources

Ages Vary

The Fair has gathered some of our favorite agricultural resources to enhance your learning experience and to complement our activity sheets.

Thank You to our Official Sponsors

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