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Weiner Dog Races

The 16th Annual Running of the Weiners

KZOK 102.5

  • Sunday, Oct. 8

    Dachshunds of all shapes and sizes (well okay, all sizes... but probably just the one shape) will compete in various races and competitions.

    The races benefit local rescues chosen by race organizers, Dox Racing, who have extensive experience in all aspects of the game. We're extremely grateful to have them as a part of our team. We know enough to stick to the bratwurst side of "hot dogs!"

    Interested in participating? Register online at https://sherij98520.wixsite.com/doxracing

    NOTE: The ONLY pets allowed on grounds at Oktoberfest NW are certified service animals or weiner dogs participating in the races, and only on Sunday. Additional pets will not be allowed in. Participating...

  • No scheduled dates at this time.

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