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  • Grab a bier, and some friends, and join in the fun of bar games at Oktoberfest NW. From Cornhole to Bier Pong, and, what you could call a PNW pastime - Hammerschlagen, there’s a game for all!


    You've heard of toss right? Well, in Cornhole you have a board with one hole in it that is placed several feet away from you. Then each player gets a chance to toss their colored bean bags to the board. You can earn certain points for making it in the hole and being on the board. It's really not that technical. If you haven't played before, we think you'll get the hang of it pretty fast.

    Holey Boards

    Also known as Washer Boards and similar to Corn Hole toss, it all starts with a board, bu...

  • No scheduled dates at this time.

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