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The Manuela Horn Experience

  • Manuela Horn is a 7-foot tall yodeling Queen from Austria, otherwise known as the Queen of Beerfest. In 2014 she assembled a group of the finest musicians, singers, and performers to give Oktoberfest what it really wanted: A new and unique ROCKtoberfest experience! The MHE is Manuela, The Brew Babes (her backup singer and dancers), and the PowerKraut Band. Combined they bring you a dynamic interactive show filled with singing, yodeling, rock & pop hits (with a Beerfest twist), Oktoberfest classics, dancing, conga lines, 99 huge red balloons and more. This eccentric spectacle tickles all your senses. With colorful props and costumes, it offers you eye candy and an audio landscape sure to ...

  • No scheduled dates at this time.

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