Holiday Magic
SillyVille Rides

Wonder Wheel

Height requirements: 42in

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  • Introducing the Wonder Wheel! With a backdrop of sparkling lights, revel in the bright atmosphere as the Ferris wheel sweeps you off your feet and shares the view of our immersive holiday wonderland from above. Best of all, it's free! The Holiday Magic Wonder Wheel promises to surprise and delight with every mesmerizing rotation, making it a must-experience activity during your visit.

  • SillyVille Hours
    Thu, Apr 132:00 PM
    Fri, Apr 1410:00 AM
    Sat, Apr 1510:00 AM
    Sun, Apr 1610:00 AM
    Thu, Apr 202:00 PM
    Fri, Apr 2110:00 AM
    Sat, Apr 2210:00 AM
    Sun, Apr 2310:00 AM
    Fri, Sep 110:30 AM
    Sat, Sep 210:00 AM
    Sun, Sep 310:00 AM
    Mon, Sep 410:00 AM
    Tue, Sep 5Closed
    Wed, Sep 6Closed
    Thu, Sep 711:00 AM
    Fri, Sep 811:00 AM
    Sat, Sep 910:00 AM
    Sun, Sep 1010:00 AM
    Mon, Sep 1111:00 AM
    Tue, Sep 12Closed
    Wed, Sep 1311:00 AM
    Thu, Sep 1411:00 AM
    Fri, Sep 1511:00 AM
    Sat, Sep 1610:00 AM
    Sun, Sep 1710:00 AM
    Mon, Sep 1811:00 AM
    Tue, Sep 19Closed
    Wed, Sep 2011:00 AM
    Thu, Sep 2111:00 AM
    Fri, Sep 2211:00 AM
    Sat, Sep 2310:00 AM
    Sun, Sep 2410:00 AM
    Fri, Dec 1
    Sat, Dec 2
    Sun, Dec 3
    Fri, Dec 8
    Sat, Dec 9
    Sun, Dec 10
    Fri, Dec 15
    Sat, Dec 16
    Sun, Dec 17
    Wed, Dec 20
    Thu, Dec 21
    Fri, Dec 22
    Sat, Dec 23

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