Farm At SillyVille
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The Farm at SillyVille

Over an Acre of Hands-On Fun!

Farm at SillyVille

Open Daily, 10:30am - 8pm

  • This "farmer for a day" experience exhibit tells Washington’s food and farming story and connects kids and families to our state’s agriculture industry, the farmers that produce the food we eat, and healthy eating choices. Enter this enchanting farmland and move through a sequence of interactive experiences. At each station, participate in hands-on activities and become part of the farming process, collecting imitation nutritious food items from each station to exchange or cook with at the Farmstand.

    Exhibit Features:

    • Dairy Barn – Use levers and knobs to interact with the milking process and help the milk transform into a HEALTHY dairy product.
    • Grain Silo – Drive a c...
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