SillyVille Rides

SillyVille Rides

Santa's Express Train

Height requirements: 42in or 32in if accompanied by adult
SillyVille Train Station

Included with Holiday Magic admission.

  • Ride for FREE! All aboard the Santa Express Train. You'll travel past Christmas on the Farm, through the fun tunnel and catch Bumble adorning the tree. 

  • SillyVille Hours
    Fri, Dec 10
    Sat, Dec 11
    Sun, Dec 12
    Mon, Dec 13Closed
    Tue, Dec 14Closed
    Wed, Dec 15Closed
    Thu, Dec 16Closed
    Fri, Dec 17
    Sat, Dec 18
    Sun, Dec 19
    Mon, Dec 20
    Tue, Dec 21
    Wed, Dec 22
    Thu, Dec 23
    Fri, Dec 24Closed
    Sat, Dec 25Closed
    Sun, Dec 26
    Mon, Dec 27
    Tue, Dec 28
    Wed, Dec 29
    Thu, Dec 30
    Fri, Dec 31

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