Oktoberfest Northwest

Hammerschlagen® Wall of Champions

"A place where champions are earned"

2022 Champ

Steve Wyatt

2021 Champ

Zebb herbrand

2019 Champ

Scott Spratt

2018 Champ

Mark Zurschmiede

2017 Champ

Mark Zurschmiede

2016 Champ

Aaron Williams

2015 Champ

Brett Roberts - "The Godfather"

2014 Champ

Brett Roberts

2013 Champ

Brett Roberts

2012 Champ

Jeffery T. Maskule

2011 Champ

Steven Hogstrum

2010 Champ

Kiri Maileoi

2009 Champ

Chris Parley

2008 Champ

LaMarcco Mitchell

2007 Champ

Tim Jungwirth

2006 Champ

Josh Carter

2005 Champ

Casey Squires

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