Educational Ticket Program

Some traditions are “keepers,” and the Washington State Fair Student Ticket Program is long-standing favorite. The tradition of providing school children with a free ticket to enjoy the educational aspects of the Washington State Fair has been in place for generations. Now, grandparents who once took advantage of a student ticket are seeing their grandchildren doing the same thing.

As times have changed, the student ticket program has adapted to meet the needs of students and school districts, too. It used to be that schools - or the entire district - would receive a Fair gate admission ticket for one specific date. As school districts started facing changing regulatory requirements, it was getting more difficult for schools to take a day off for the Fair.

Starting in 1996, the tickets distributed were changed, making them valid any day of the Fair, rather than a pre-selected day. This gave students the opportunity to come to the Fair on a day that worked for them, as well as their families.

In 2021, the Fair distributed 641,428 student tickets, and 114,318 educator tickets. Those numbers prove that the Washington State Fair Student Ticket Program is a “keeper” that will be around for the next generation. 

For more information, please contact Vernene Scheurer at or (253) 841-5134. Please include school name, address and phone number.

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