Health Safety Statement

The Washington State Fair is committed to maintaining a safe and clean environment for our staff, guests and the larger community. As part of this commitment, we continue to have rigorous standards for sanitation and cleaning.

This includes:

  • Providing easily accessible sanitation products for workers to clean their spaces, equipment, tools and other items 
  • Ensuring vendors follow Department of Health guidelines for workers and food establishments
  • Easy access to hand washing stations and/or hand sanitizer in customer areas
  • Frequent sanitization of all working spaces, particularly concession/ticket counters, electronic pin pads and other areas contacted by customers and employees
  • Quick and efficient response to spills and trash collection
  • Rides, games and other high-touch areas will be sanitized frequently

The Washington State Fair will continue to follow CDC recommendations regarding general health and safety concerns. We will not ask guests vaccination status or require facial coverings at our venue.

We will continue to monitor public health situations and guidelines, in order to make thoughtful timely decisions based on guidance from our community partners and health agencies.

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