Fun Fact: 

The 1917 Merry-Go-Round is the oldest active carnival ride at the Fair, operating here since 1923.


Whirl and twirl the day away on Midway or SillyVille rides. There's something for all ages and...stomachs!
Fair Favorites


Thrill seekers, be sure and check out our newest rides, debuting at the 2015 Washington State Fair!

Evolution: This large thrill ride consists of four inclined pillars which support a revolving arm. On one end of the arm are counterweights and on the other is a rotating hub which holds 10 cars. Ride if you dare!
Minimum height to ride: 48”

Rock Star: This is spectacular thrill ride elevates riders 55' above the Midway on top of a flying platform! The Rock Star gives riders a unique free-fall experience as the platform whisks towards the ground, complete with a spectacular LED light show.
Minimum height to ride: 42”

Phoenix Wheel: This classic wheel reaches a height of 65’, yet is totally kid-friendly. You’ll find it in SillyVille, where thrill-seeking young ones will love it!
Minimum height to ride: 48” to ride alone OR 32” if accompanied by a responsible person.


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