SillyVille Rides

The place for kids (and kids at heart!)



Ride Pricing

  • Ride Tickets - $0.50 each
  • Each ride requires 7-12 tickets

Ride Hours

Ride Name

Height Requirements

Airport 32" tall
Balloons 36" tall
Bear Affair 42" tall
Circus Jumbo 36" tall
Construction Zone 36" tall
Cosmic Chaos 36" tall
Dragon Wagaon 36" tall
Enchanted Castle 42" tall
Fire Brigade 32" tall
Flying Tigers 36" tall
Fun Zone 36" tall not over 55" tall
Funny Farm 36" tall
Gators 36" tall
Giant Slide 36" tall
Helicopters 36" tall
Jump Cycles 36" tall
Jungle Jim 36" tall
Kiddy Slide 36" tall
Kooky Kruzers 36" tall
Lolli Swing 36" tall
Merry Go Round 32" tall
Phoenix Wheel 32" tall
River Ride 42" tall (36" accompanied by adult)
Scrambler 48" tall (42" accompanied by adult)
no single riders
Sky Fighter 36" tall
Speedy Coaster 36" tall
Super Jets 32" tall
Tiger Express 48" tall (36" accompanied by adult)
Tilt-A-Whirl 36" tall
Train 42" tall (32" accompanied by adult)
Turnpike 36" tall

All riders must be over 2 years of age and able to hold on to ride.


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