ThrillVille Rides

Whirl and twirl the day away in the midway on ThrillVille Rides. There's something for all ages (and stomachs)!



Ride Pricing

  • Ride Tickets - $0.50 each
  • Each ride requires 7-12 tickets
  • Extreme Scream - 20 tickets (Not valid with the Xfinity Dizzy Pass)

All riders must be over 2 years of age, able to hold on to the ride, and meet the height requirements of each individual ride.

Ride Hours


Ride Name

Height Requirements

Antique Carousel 32" tall
Classic Coaster 52" tall
Cliff Hanger 46" tall
El Nino 52" tall
Enterprise 53" tall
Extreme Scream 52" tall
Ghost Pirates 42" tall (36" accompanied by adult)
Grand Wheel 54" tall (42" accompanied by adult)
min 2 per seat
Haunted Mansion 42" tall (36" accompanied by adult)
Inferno 52" tall
Kamikaze 56" tall
Mardi Gras 36" tall
Matterhorn 42" tall
Monster 42" tall
Orbiter 48" tall
Paratrooper 42" tall
Rainier Rush 58" tall
Rat Race 42" tall
Rock Star 42" tall
Scooters 48" tall (42" tall if accompanied by adult)
Scrambler 48" tall (42" accompanied by adult)
no single riders
Sea Dragon 48" tall
Sinbad 48" tall
Skyride 48" tall unless accompanied by responsible person
Starship 2000 42" tall
Tornado 48" tall
Vertigo 48" tall
Wave Swinger 44" tall
Wild Cat 48" tall
Zero Gravity 42" tall
Zipper 48" tall


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