American Heart Association Hands-Only CPR Mobile Tour

Sept. 15-17

Location: South End of the Grandstand



Do you know the two easy steps of Hands-Only CPR? Now is your opportunity to learn this life-saving skill during the American Heart Association Hands-Only CPR Mobile Tour supported by Amerigroup Foundation from Sept. 15-17.

Two emcees and a DJ will lead interactive, Hands-Only CPR training sessions. You’ll practice chest compressions to an original song called, “Savin’ Lives.” The first 250 participants will each receive a Hands-Only CPR Anytime Training Kit, which can be taken home to practice Hands-Only CPR and teach family and friends this important skill. Participate in our Q&A session for a chance to win prizes. Additional giveaways include branded tote bags and branded t-shirts.

Additional activities include:

  • Mobile Kiosk Learning Lab that teaches Hands-Only CPR on a high fidelity manikin, or rubber torso, that is connected to a touch screen laptop. Practice Hands-Only CPR and receive real-time feedback on your training.
  • AED Learning lab, which teaches you how to properly use an automated external defibrillator.
  • Social Media Photo Booth, where you can take pictures and post about your training experience on social media. Visit to learn more about this important skill.


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