Traveling Farm

Traveling Farm

Thanks to the generous support of our community, we've packaged the magic of the Fair Farm to deliver a hands-on field trip experience that comes to the school!

Traveling Farm is a state-of-the-art vehicle that houses interactive exhibits for students in grades K-3. In a world where the field trip is nearly extinct due to budget cuts, the Traveling Farm visits to elementary schools within a 50 mile radius of the Fair, providing an on-site field trip at no cost to families, teachers or schools. The Traveling Farm gives children an understanding of the role of farming in everyday life, care of plants and animals, tools of the farming trade, farm to table concepts, the importance of soil and water conservation, and much more. The cadre of live farm animals accompanies the Traveling Farm offers students the opportunity of a hands-on experience, a first for many of them.

Traveling Farm

A century ago, children knew what a farm animal looked and felt like, where food came from, and what constituted a well-balanced meal. Fast forward a hundred years, and things have changed dramatically. Today's urban school children lack important knowledge about agriculture and food sources. Many kids don’t know that their cereal started out in the wheat fields or their hamburger patties as beef cattle.The Traveling Farm fills this void.

As a teacher from Evergreen Heights Elementary stated after her class visited the Traveling Farm, “for most of the kids, farm animals were as abstract and insubstantial as their video game characters and probably less valuable. Not anymore!”

The Traveling Farm operates with the support of the Foundation’s generous donors. Since its debut in 2010, the Traveling Farm has logged nearly 7,000 miles and visited nearly 50,000 students.



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