White Hat Club

White Hat Club

Members of the Washington State Fair Foundation’s White Hat Club are those generous donors who have committed $1,000 per year for a 5 year term in support of the Fair’s programs. And yep, you really do get a white cowboy hat to show the world you’re one of the good guys. 


Your membership can be paid in many ways:

  • A one-time $5,000 gift
  • An annual gift of $1,000 for a 5 year term
  • Quarterly gifts of $250 for a 5 year term
  • Monthly gifts of $83.34 for a 5 year term – that’s less than $20 a week!

For White Hat Club membership information, contact the Foundation office at 253-841-5105 or email hollyb@thefair.com

2018 Members

Bob, Rob and Billy Marcoe
Sales Family
Candace Blancher
Justin & Kate Nikbakhsh
Tom & Mary Lou Tebb
Steven & Maryanna Hatting
Randy & Lyn Anderson
Andrew & Kay McDonald
Carl & Janette Wade
Mike Cinat

2017 Members

Randy and Lyn Anderson
Jeff and Kelly Chambers
Toby and Jennifer Donovan
Mark and Valerie Gingrich
Dennis and Patti Hogenson
Mark Johnson
Jerry and Germaine Korum
Ren and Kathy Martin
Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation
Gary and Amanda Tucci
Ed and Judy Root

2016 Members

Robert and Connie Wekell

2015 Members

Robert and Betty Adler
Jim and Claudette Duris
Denny and Patti Elvins
Ren and Kathy Martin
Justin and Kate Nikbakhsh
Randy and Lisa Wilson
The Wolfe Family

2014 Members

Randy and Lyn Anderson
Richard and Keriann Cockrell
Mayor Mike and Patty Deal
Mike and Karyn Egan
Don and Judye Hawkins
Dan Japhet
Korum for Kids Foundation
Ren and Kathy Martin
Jeff and Ellen McVicker
John and Karen Strub
Kemer Nelson
Woodworth Capital, Inc.
Glen and Debbie Zevenbergen

2013 Members

Paul Anderson
Randy and Lyn Anderson
Candace Porter Blancher
Beth Brooks
Cory Brooks
Continental Mills
Johann Duenhoelter, MD
Larry and Virginia Gordon
Carl R. Hogan
Kent and Carolyn Hojem
Korum For Kids Foundation
Gary and Debbie Larson
Larson Family
Andre and Renee McClain
Rick and Joan Myers
Bill and Jayne Pyfer
Chris and Cyndi Roberts
Jas Sangha
Bill Stoner and Shawn Stoner

2012 Members

Lawrence L. Boileau
Ron Burback
Cari Milgard-DeGoede
Scott Gordon
Ryan Wilkerson
Susan and Larry Hulbert
Keith Kovalenko
Rob & Connie Wekell

2011 Members

Randy & Lyn Anderson
Corliss Resources, Inc.
The David Fogg Family Foundation
Larry & Virginia Gordon
Korum For Kids Foundation
John & Sharon Lisicich
McCallum License Agency, Inc.
The O.D. Fisher Charitable Foundation
Inge Rieder 

2010 Members

Randy & Lyn Anderson
The David Fogg Family Foundation
Earl Gratzer
The O.D. Fisher Charitable Foundation 

2009 Members

Abbey Road Group
Robert & Betty Adler
Air Systems Engineering, Inc.
Randy & Lyn Anderson
Arrow Lumber & Hardware –Barney & Diane Wagner
Layne & Kim Barndt
Allen & Candus Barnum
Kent & Karen Baskett
Big Bang Electrical – Creative Shop
Bob & Jann Bonnett
Charlie & Debbie Brammer
David & Lani Campbell
Richard Campbell
Cali Noel Carl
Cecilia Sophia Carl
Chanel Germaine Carl
Richard Cockrell
Randy & Michelle Corley
Corliss Resources Inc.
Douglas & Kandi Crawford
David Fogg Family Foundation
Teresa Elvins Simpson
Anna Garza & Jim Brammer
Grandkids of Larry & Jo Elvins
James Gregory
Haas & Wilkerson Insurance
Benjamin John Hall
John & Sophia Hall
Joseph Alan Hall
Katie Korum Hall
Don & Judye Hawkins
Phyllis Heppenstall
Don & Pat Hillman
Jeff & Kristin Hogan
Gil & Kathy Hulsmann
Randy & Debbie Johnson
Justin & Breann Jones
Mike & Robyn Kelley
Roger Knutson
Lady Luck’s Cowgirl Up Steakhouse & Saloon –
     Jim & Lorraine Hoyle
Karen & Lon LaFlamme
Gary & Debbie Larson
Nancy LeMay
Michelle Maschner
Abbra L. Matlock
In memory of Darlene Matousek
Brian & Angela Mauerman
Mayers Family
Daniel & Andrea McClung
McGranahan Architects
Denny & Jody Nelson
O.D. Fisher Charitable Foundation
Kristi & Jerome O’Leary
Propel Insurance
Bill & Jane Pyfer
Greg & Sue Root
RSM McGladrey
Sales Family
Kenneth D. & Jo Ann Scholz
Monte J. Scholz
Shaub Family
Laura Stoner
Bob & Anne Swanson
Tom & Mary Lou Tebb
Clint & Andrea Thayer
John & Alvina Timmons
Gordy & Denise Townsend
Gary & Amanda Tucci
The Vault Catering Co.
Waste Connections Inc.
Stephen & Sharon Wischmeier
Jeff & Tracey Wittenfeld
Bob & Kathy Yearwood
Glen & Debbie Zevenbergen 

2008 Members

Absher Construction
Tom & Jayne Absher
Randy & Lyn Anderson
Tony & Lori Apostle
Arrow Lumber & Hardware –
     Barney & Diane Wagner
Alan & Debbie Baker
Todd & Brenda Bakken
Glen & Dodie Baskett
Candace Porter Blancher
Carla Brewer
Don Brewer
Bob & Sue Carlson
Steven M. & Kathy Q. Carlson
Karen Chapman
Continental Mills
Michael Corliss
Robert & Beverly Corliss
David Fogg Family Foundation
Charlie & Wendy Dent
Dimmer Family Foundation
Mike & Karyn Egan
Elephant Ears – Jim & Claudette Duris
Dennis & Patricia Elvins
L. Brien & Cathy Elvins
Hazel Freehe
Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation
Marc & Jo Anne Gaspard
Curt & Lisa Gimmestad
Gary Gonter
Benjamin Hilberg
Carl & Betty Hogan
Jeff & Kristin Hogan
Kent & Carolyn Hojem
Marlin & Lori Horeis
Warren & Dorothy Hunt
Dan Japhet, Strategic Media Alignment, Inc.
Korum For Kids Foundation
Jerry & Germaine Korum
Mrs. Mel Korum
Don & Mary Ann Larson
Jerry & Tyra Larson
John & Sharon Lisicich
The Maher Family
William G. Marcum Jr.
D. Ren & Kathleen Martin
Andre & Renee McClain
Gregory L. Meeker Family
John & Sarah Mejlaender
Rick & Joan Myers
Michael & Janet Nelson
O.D. Fisher Charitable Foundation
Richard & Kathleen Olson
Barbecue Pete's - Doug & Ryan Peterson 
Ted, Lisa, Michael, Gina & Anna Philichi
R4 Printing Inc. – Michael Rogers
Michael & Christi Reimer
Florian Rieder, Rieder Medical Buildings
David & Gretchen Schodde
Dan Sharp
Laura Stoner
Bryan Stowe
Tom & Mary Lou Tebb
Western Washington Fair Association
Randy & Lisa Wilson

2007 Members

Paul Anderson
Jack R. Besaw, Jr.
Dave Campbell
Paul DeGoede
Charlie Dent
Brien Elvins
Merri Ellen McGranahan
Nikole Jones

2006 Members

Hollis Barnett
Candace Porter Blancher
Bob Carlson
Patti Elvins
Mike Gross
Sophia Hall
Kent Hojem
Dorothy Hunt
Mike Miller
Dale Mitchell
Jerome O'Leary
Joanne Ottini
Shawn Stoner

2005 Members

Jayne Absher
Howard Alton
Lani Campbell
Betty Hogan
Roger Knutson
Germaine Korum
Jerry Larson
Mary Ann Larson
Roxy Larson
Ted Maloney
AnnDee Mayers
Lois Mayers
Ron Mayers
Don McCallum
Bertha Moore
Dewaine Moore
Parametrix, Inc.
Helmut Rieder
JoAnn Scholz
Kerry Stoner
Mike Tucci
Kathy Turner
D&M Disposal
Jeff Woodworth

2004 Members

Don Hawkins
Mike Maher
Tom McMullen
Greg Meeker
Joan Myers
Rick Myers
Michael Nelson
John Pollastro
Gretchen Schodde
Bryan Stowe

2003 Members

James Agan
Beverly Burback
Dr. Robert Corliss
Cari Milgard-DeGoede
Good Samaritan Hospital
Jeff Hogan
Ann Pyfer
Mary Lou Tebb
Lisa Wilson

2002 Members

Paul Anderson
Jack R. Besaw, Jr.
Paul DeGoede
John Eastham
Jerry Korum
Fred Oldfield
Fred Roberson
Georgia Sabine
Scott Servin
Bill Stoner

2001 Members

Bob Carlson
Curt Dyckman
Bill Kleiser
Jim McGranahan
Dave Schodde

2000 Members

Tom Absher, Sr.
Ron Burback
Robert D. Campbell
Carl Hogan
Kenny Scholz
Frederick Smith
Irmgard Wilcox
Haas & Wilkerson Insurance
Mark Williams

1999 Members

Dorothy Elvins
Doug Looker
Benjie Mayers
Dave Randles
Tom Tebb
Jeff Woodworth


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