Board & Management

The Washington State Fair is a private, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation.  It receives no government subsidy, and pays city and state taxes.  Any proceeds are invested back into the facilities for improvements.

Board of Directors


W. David Schodde, President
Candace P. Blancher, Vice President
Daniel McClung, Secretary
Gary Tucci, Treasurer
David Campbell, Past President
Kenneth Scholz
Roger Knutson
Jerome Korum
Jerry Larson
Michael Nelson
Jeffrey Hogan
John Wolfe

Directors Emeriti

Harry Corliss
Thomas Tebb
Dennis Elvins
Carl Hogan

Management Team

Kent Hojem, Chief Executive Officer -
Renee McClain, Chief Financial Officer -
Adam Heffron, Chief Operating Officer -
Alan Baker, Facilities Manager -
Debbie Baker, Facility Rental / Event Services Manager -
Paula Beadle, Sponsorship Consultant -
Holly Ball, Foundation Manager -
Cari Dixon, Executive Department Manager -
Stacy Howard, Public Relations Manager -
Dan Sharp, Vendor Services Manager -
Andrea Thayer, Competitive Exhibits / Grounds Entertainment Manager -
Tracey Wittenfeld, Marketing Manager -

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